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About Us

DIGITOUR means Digital + Contour, located in Southern California, provides precise digital dental solutions to our clients and helps many laboratories grow. Top quality products, done by our professional staff, yield returning clients that are highly satisfied with their results.

​With our highly experienced staff and the variety of different equipment in house such as 5 axis, high-tech CAM software, 3shape D2000 scanner, and Formlab2. We ensure that our clients experience the finest products and services.

Digitour Milling Center continues to strive for the best by keeping up with cutting edge digital CAD/CAM technology to offer the finest products to our clients. We specialize in Zirconia crowns, copings, custom abutments (Titanium, Zircon Hybrid with ti-base), temporary crowns, and dental implants.

With our forward-thinking strategies, we make a significant investment in dental implant research and development. We continue to improve existing processes to ensure all of the products we produce are high in quality.

Our main focus, next to making our products precise, is giving the best customer service. Customers can ask us about updates on cases and receive a quick answer, we can rush a case if it is requested, and we will try our best to make our customers satisfied. We give technical advice if needed, whether it’s regarding what shade, material, or implant to use.